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H.L. Stephens is proud to carry Restonic Mattresses. Restonic is renowned for their excellent mattresses and superior warranties. Few other product lines have received a Consumers Digest Best Buy Award as many times as Restonic's entire mattress lineup.

A Consumers Digest Best Buy is one that merits special attention from consumers based on its combination of eight criteria: performance, ease of use, features, quality of construction, warranty, efficiency, styling, and maintenance and service requirements.

Additionally, Restonic has been awarded the Women's Choice Award for Excellence in Brand Experience for the third consecutive year in a row. A whopping 96% of the women polled said they would definitely recommend Restonic to their family and friends.


Mattresses at H.L. Stephens

At H.L. Stephens, we offer 6 very different types of mattresses. Our different types of mattresses give our customers a vast selection to choose from and peace of mind that they will find the right mattress that suits their individual needs.


Innerspring Mattresses

Restonic™s ComfortCare with exclusive Marvelous Middle Construction technology offers a totally satisfying sleep experience by reducing tossing and turning and providing special support for the head, neck, shoulders, back and calf areas. These results are achieved by incorporating multiple zones of support that mirror the contours of the human body. Their exclusive Marvelous Middle Construction provides greater support in the center third of the mattress, where body weight is concentrated, helping to impede body impression and upholstery fatigue. Shop Innerspring Mattresses >>

Pocketed Coil Mattresses

Individually wrapped, tempered coils zoned for proper spinal alignment, giving you a totally satisfying sleep night in and night out. These coils reduce motion transference, eliminating partner disturbance and roll-together for a completely undisturbed sleep, while providing a solid support. Shop Pocketed Coil Mattresses >>


"Flip-able" Two Sided Mattresses

Restonic is the only major Mattress company that still offers a two sided, "flip-able" mattress. Each of these are built with the same quality and specifications as the Pocketed Coils or Innerspring mattresses, but you get twice the mattress for half the price! Shop "Flip-able" Mattresses >>

Memory Foam

Originally developed for NASA, our memory foam mattresses ensures healthy spinal alignment and soothing comfort all night long for an unmatched price! Shop Memory Foam Mattresses >>



Want something that sits and feels like memory foam, but better? Look no further with Restonic's award winning Tempa-Gel mattresses that are made with gel-infused memory foam and Outlast® fabric Technology, a cool and refreshing night's sleep is yours for the taking. Shop Tempa-Gel Mattresses >>

Elevate Specialty Foam

It's about time to take a good night of sleep for granted with Restonics's Elevate Specialty Foam. Made from 100% natural high- qaulity Latex, you'll enjoy a supportive, hygienic sleep experience, night after night after night. Shop Elevate Specialty Foam Mattresses >>

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